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LondonR Meeting 15th June 2015

Workshop: Andy Nicholls (Mango Solutions) - Introduction to Package Building in R

Matt Dowle (0xdata)- News from data.table and h2o

Jo-Fai Chow (Domino Data Lab) - Deploying your Predictive Models as a Service via Domino API Endpoint

Markus Gesmann (Lloyds of London) - Experience vs data


LondonR Meeting 30th March 2015

Workshop: Aimee Gott (Mango Solutions) - Introduction to Shiny

Richard Pugh (Mango Solutions)- SAS to R Migration

James Chesire (UCL/ - The Coder and the Designer: Using R for Visualising London's Data

Enzo Martoglio (Sopra Steria) - How to build a mid-sized analytical application with Shiny


LondonR Meeting 25th November 2014

Workshop: Aimee Gott (Mango Solutions) - Introduction to ggvis

James Thomson (Channel 4) - R2D3

Richard Eden (YPlan)- Writing better code: The things they don’t teach on stats courses


LondonR Meeting 17th June 2014

Dr Chris Campbell (Mango Solutions) - This code is a complete hack, may or may not work, etc. - The challenges of validating R

Simon Hailstone (Slough Borough Council) - High Quality Maps with R and ggplot

Ana Costa e Silva (Tibco) - R/TERR

Andy Nicholls (Mango Solutions) - Introduction to ggplot2 Graphics


LondonR Meeting 11th March 2014

Chris Musselle (Mango Solutions) - Using R with Python Workshop slides

Jo-Fai Chow - Introducing CrimeMap

Kate Hanley (Mango Solutions) - Dynamic Report Writing in R: LaTeX vs Markdown 

Jon Sedar (Applied AI) h Customer Clustering for Retail Marketing


LondonR Meeting 3rd December 2013

Matthew Aldridge - LondonR Introduction

Chris Beeley - Shiny happy web interfaces

Malcolm Sherrington - AlgorithmicTrading In R

Andy South - Beautiful world maps in R


LondonR Meeting 10th September 2013

Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions - Apply Function Workshop

Richard Pugh & Andy Nicholls, Mango Solutions - Lattice vs ggplot2

Maarten Speekenbrink – depmixS4 a flexible package to estimate mixture and hidden Markov models

Karthik Ram – rOpenSci; fostering the next generation of open science through R (To be uploaded shortly)

Robert Grant – Audliblization of data

Andy South – Mapping half a million petition signatures using R, A video of this presentation is also available here.

Tom Taverner , Mango Solutions - Test your Tests with R metaprogramming


LondonR Meeting 16th July 2013

Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions - LondonR Introduction

Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions - Apps in R

Hadley Wickham, RStudio - BigR Data

Andrie de Vries, Revolution Analytics - Attribution using survival


LondonR Meeting 19th March 2013

Gemma Stephenson, Mango Solutions - Report Generation Workshop

Andrew Vodden, Mango Solutions - Introduction

Louis Bajuk-Yorgan, TIBCO - TERR Extend Reach of R

Francine Bennett - Big Data comes to the NHS

Ulrike Naumann - Flow Cytometry Data


LondonR Meeting 4th December 2012

Richard Pugh - Introduction to Lattice

Richard Pugh - Using Lattice to plot grouped data

Robert Grant - Producing animated graphs from R without having to learn any other software


LondonR Meeting 20th September 2012

Q Ethan McCallum - Mixing R and Hadoop for Large Scale Analysis and Computations

John James and Andrew Diamond - From BackTest to Trade using R Parallelization in OneTick and Solutions from OneTick and R

Andy Nicholls - Converting S Plus Applications to R


LondonR Meeting 19th June 2012

Matt Aldridge & Brandon Whitcher - Introduction and News from UseR! 2012

Andrie De Vries - Writing R for Dummies

Markus Gesmann - Dynamical Systems in R with simecol

Matthew Dowle - News from data.table 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8


LondonR Meeting 7th March 2012

John James - R with COM; the dark side of .NET

Chibisi Chima-Okereke - AutoPricing: An R package for automated GLM based actuarial pricing

David Asfaha - Automatically creating an interactive visualisation of R's GridSVG output for IE7+

Kevin O'Brien - Using LME models for Method Comparison Studies


LondonR Meeting 6th December 2011

James Long - Easy Parallel Stochastic Simulations using Amazon's EC2 & Segue

Chibisi Chima-Okereke - Actuarial Pricing Using General Linear Models In R


LondonR Meeting 7th September 2011

Chris Wood - Using R to model complex biogeochemical systems

Jean-Robert Avettand-Fenoel - How to Accelerate Model Deployment using Rook

Markus Gesmann - Using the Google Visualisation API with R

Lisa Wainer - Development of the HotProducts software system using R and gWidgets: a scanning tool for trends in property crime


LondonR Meeting 15th June 2011

Mehmet Suzen - Compressive Sampling with R: A Tutorial

Jon Clayden - Interfacing an Existing Software Library to R: the examply of "RNiftyReg"

Claire Jones - Building flexibility into R code: a case study based on designing portfolio backtesting tools


LondonR Meeting 8th March 2011

Introduction: Rich Pugh - Mango Solutions

Brandon Whitcher - Medical Image Analysis using S4 Classes & Methods

Matthew Dowle - Unknown R

Rich Pugh - R Shared


LondonR Meeting 6th December 2010

Introduction: Matt Aldridge - Mango Solutions

Giles Heywood - Building a GUI with gwidgetsRGtk2

Vladimir Anisimov - Drug Supply Modelling Software (R and RExcel)

Drago Indjic - R in Modern Portfolio of Hedge Fund Analysis


LondonR Meeting 5th October 2010

Introduction: Matt Aldridge - Mango Solutions

Romain Francois - Rcpp: Seamless R and C++

Markus Gesmann - Google Motion Charts with R

Richard Weeks - Building a GUI with TCLTK


LondonR Meeting 13th July 2010

Introduction: Matt Aldridge - Mango Solutions

Chris Campbell - Image Analysis Using R

Matthew Dowle - News from data.table 1.4.1 and 1.5

Andy Nicholls - How I'm selling R at GSK


LondonR Meeting 4th May 2010

Introduction: Richard Pugh - Mango Solutions

Markus Gesmann - Getting started with integrating R and MS Office

Patrick Burns - Portfolio Probe: Changing Fund Management

John James - Use of and Using R as on Object Oriented Language


LondonR Meeting 3rd February 2010

Introduction: Mango Solutions

Stephane Vellay - Graphical workflow tool Pipeline Pilot

Nicolás Della Penna - BOLASSO: Model Consistent Lasso Estimation through the Bootstrap

Mike Smith - MSToolkit

Rich Pugh - Web based R reporting


LondonR Meeting 3rd November 2009

Richard Saldanha - R in the City

Luca Sbardella - A use of R from within python for quantitative finance applications

Charles Roosen - Enhancing Spotfire with the Power of R

Andrei Serjantov - Introduction to Functional programming in R

Romain Francois - Keeping R at a distance: calling R using a local interface


LondonR Meeting 21st July 2009

Matthew Dowle - Data.table: Higher speed time series queries

Matthew's demo -

Francisco Gochez - A review of Rmetrics

Brandon Whitcher - Developing S4 Classes for medical imaging data: Initial Experiences

Richard Weeks - Thoughts from UseR 2009 - Rennes


LondonR Meeting 31st March 2009

Rory Winston - bigmemory package - using it for a real-life application involving real-time streaming data

David Jessop - Test Driven Development in R

Markus Gesmann - Claims reserving in R

Patrick Burns - 3.5 Reasons to Switch from Excel to R: Preaching to the choir with an ulterior motive






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